What's Included

What is included in this 21 Day Cleanse?
Kristine Blanche’s Girlfriend Cleanse is an easy-to-follow 21-day plan to renew your body and give you the life you’ve always wanted!

The Girlfriend Cleanse is designed to awaken one women at a time to the reality that we don’t have to simply wait for a diagnosis. We can protect ourselves, heal ourselves, and become the:

strong, healthy, happy, and the sexy women we deserve to be.

The Girlfriend Cleanse Includes (30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE):

  • Cleanse Manual
  • Delicious Detox Shake
  • Dr. Blanche Customized medpax Detox Daily Supplements from Xymogen

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  • Pre-cleanse video to educate you on the goals on the Girlfriend Cleanse
  • Daily motivational e-mails & guidance to guarantee you will stay motivated, stay committed and finish strong
  • Green Smoothie Video (with easy to follow recipes)
  • Learn from Kristine in her educational cleanse videos
  • Stress relief modules that work and are easy to use in your daily busy life
  • Detox power points to explain how your body is fixing itself in 21 days
  • Many other surprise bonuses that leave you empowered to take back your body, your health, and make you feel better than you've ever felt!

Get the FRESH START you are looking for…

You will be following program medically designed to balance your alkaline levels, eliminate cravings for junk foods and clear your body from the inside out so you look and feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.
You will have the energy of a teenager, the body you only remember…
…while skin problems vanish, your eyes shine beautifully, your hair bounces and your mind becomes razor sharp.
The Girlfriend 21 Day Cleanse is kind to your system…
You will also be taught life sustaining stress relief tools to handle stress in a healthy way…
…as your body starts to perform like you did the first time you jumped on a swing set.
Imagine A New YOU…
Would you like to finally shed those extra pounds?
Or how about spring out of the bed in the morning?
And be the life of every party, even pool parties!
You can, and I’ve got just the life re-booting program to give you boundless energy, incandescent confidence
And it all starts with the Girlfriend 21 Day Cleanse…