Meet Dr. Blanche

Kristine Blanche RPA-C, PhD

"It's All About Balance"

Dr. Kristine Blanche received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from The Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physician Assistant studies from Long Island University, where she graduated with honors. Dr. Blanche studied Experiential Health Healing at The Graduate Institute, and graduated with her MD/PhD Magna/ Summa Cum Laude in 2015 from USAT. She has an extensive medical background, including 25 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Wound Care, Critical Care and General Surgery at such prestigious institutions as George Washington University Hospital and The North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset. Her passion is to bring a strong focus to the PREVENTION of disease to her clients.

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Kristen Blanche. I wanted to say hello, I wanted to take a minute just to tell you a little bit about myself, about my detox about why I am so passionate about detox and that I hope to partner with you to do this program.

So, I took the long and windy road to medicine. I kind of came into this role, I think wanting to be a doctor as a little girl and I was provided with a lot of opportunities to fortify that passion and give me a little push but I started off as an EMT and then I became a paramedic, and then a trauma technologist, then a PA in the emergency room that I ventured into surgery and ultimately into surgical intensive care.

So I often get asked; how did you get into integrative medicine or functional medicine or how did you become passionate about detox?

The whole time that I was going through my journey, I was learning a lot. I was learning how to save a life. I was learning from incredible mentors. I was learning from different peoples perspectives and I was a little bit like a sponge. I just kind of took it all in. And ultimately I did end up going back to medical school and getting my PhD. So I took the long and winding professional student way to get here.

But along the way I was very conventional in my practice for many years in medicine and it wasn’t really until our family member got sick. My sister in-law was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and some little piece of myself just knew that my medicine wasn’t going to be enough. So, I went searching. Then I think for a lot of us in this field, we usually either have a personal story of illness or a family member that we love that allows us to open our minds and let go our beliefs and search for answers.

So, I read every book, I could get my hands on and holistic cancer care, and as I started to read these amazing authors, my mind was blown. I hadn’t learned so much, I didn’t know about nutrition. I didn’t know about supplements. I didn’t know about the connection between stress and illness. I really was never taught to ask why is somebody sick? I knew how to diagnose, and I knew how to treat. I was really good at that. But nobody had really trained me to ask why? Why is the person tired? Why is the person not feeling good, not sleeping? What’s the root cause, what’s the underlying cause for that person’s symptoms, and what can I do to help them reverse the symptoms before it becomes a disease. So this is where my mind got blown and I really started to---unfortunately we lost my sister in-law, and I became very disenchanted with my training, with my upbringing in medicine. I call this time in my life; the dark night of my soul. I kind of went into myself and I knew I had to start healing myself. I started learning yoga and meditation and reading these books and putting it into practice and going to the conferences and studying integrative medicine. I started with myself, I expanded it out to my family, because I was never going to be unprepared again. I felt that my medicine, my medical training, all that I knew, all the people I knew, amazing institutions I was not prepared for my sisters in-law illness and I wasn’t going to let that happen again.

And as I went through medicine and I started learning all this stuff, I had to ask what is cancer? How does it happen? What I found in my experience with patients and my training, is that it’s perfect storm. It’s not just one cause, our bodies are really good at fighting cancer, our bodies are really good at healing and repairing but when we’re inundated with the toxins, stress, vitamin deficiency, genetically modified foods, we’re breaking though our barriers and we’re leaving our defenses open which is why we have rising rates of cancer.

I live in long Island, and we have the highest rate of breast cancer. We just have a report come out last week that the CDC presented a study showing that New York is one of the highest rates of pediatric cancers in the entire country. Well, as a mother it terrifies me, and as a doctor a practitioner somebody who has been taking of people with cancer for years it infuriates me! I have been talking about this since 2006. I have been saying that toxins are a factor for years. And there is several of us out there saying this in field but not a lot of people are hearing it. It’s over me and my little office taking care of patients and trying to get the word out which is why did t, is program.

I did his program initially in 2008 and it was because I wasn’t reaching enough people, because what I do to help people do is very easy. I don’t fix people anymore, I help each person find the recipe that is right for them, to heal their bodies and getting rid of toxins. This is a major factor, toxins and stress and nutrient deficiencies are the 3 foundations of how I approach any patient who walks into my door. Whether they have cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, or any kind of illness, These are the foundations of disease. Those are the ones that I look at to see what might be a risk factors or illness, and toxins are everywhere.

And so, why are we having the highest rate of pediatric cancer? Why are we having the highest rate of breast cancer? There is a number of different factors that go into it, but toxins are of one them. We know this we know the toxins increase our risks for breast cancer, prostate cancer, for colon cancer, we know this. It’s a medical fact, but what are we doing about it? Studies show that there is a correlation, but that fact is not helping you.

I want to help you. I want to give you the information that I have spent the last 25 years just searching for. Searching, going to conferences, learning from other doctors, learning from my patients, how to help you and giving you the knowledge to help you protect yourself and your family, you can’t live in a bubble.

I am organic, I avoid dairy and gluten, I take my supplements, I do my yoga, I do my meditation, but that’s not 100 proof. There are no guarantees in life. There are still risks, if I go out to eat, I am getting pesticide in my salad. If I have water what amounted in restaurant it’s not my beautiful Pur2O filtered water from my house. This is just the fact to life, you can live in a bubble but you certainly can take nutritional supplements that would help protect your body, help grab up your detox pathways, so that you can detox better.

Learn where the toxins are; learn that they are in your skin care products, that they are in your nail polish, that they are in your shampoo and your conditioner and one by one, just start to change over to natural things, start putting less on your body and once a year, twice a year everybody has to detox. I want you to have a detox right. Detox is a really fad right now, everybody is doing this juice fast and lemon, cayenne, I don’t know what. They can be dangerous, if you’re very toxic, if you have been exposed to a lot of toxins and you do one of these crash detoxes and you push those toxins too fast, it can make you sick, so you have to be careful. You need to do it the right way and when you’re doing it. You want to incorporate in it all the things that can help you from diet to stress relief, to deep breathing to mindfulness, to the nutritional supplements that we have put together for you.

This program took me 12 years to get it right, really perfect, this is so important for your body. To help your liver, to help your colon, to help you get these toxins out of your body that what’s this is all about, but it’s a lot about me teaching you to stay clean, to do everything you can to prevent disease in your life, to live healthy, vital, young, sexy and really just feel amazing. And I hope that you hear me and I hope that this excites you, I hope that you walk away wanting to do this, wanting to bring this home to your friends and family, everybody you love and really just join me on this journey because it’s really going to be fun.

So, if any of what I said here today resonates with you, if you want to feel better, if you want to have more energy, if you want to have a better libido or sleep better, or lose weight or prevent disease in your life, if any of these resonates with you, then I want to partner with you. I want to be your partner; this is going to be an incredibly exciting journey for you and for me. I want hold your hand and take you through one of the best detoxes of your life, maybe the first detoxes of your life and really get the job done and get you feeling amazing and get you protecting your health and empowered.

So now just power, if you like what I am saying and want to be my partner Click here and I promise you won’t be disappointed..